About The EACA

The Evangelical Anglican Church In America is a denomination created within the Anglican/Catholic tradition within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and practices faithful stewardship of our sacramental heritage and traditions in the service of all God’s people. Though not in full communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the titular head of the Anglican Communion, the EACA shares with the Communion similar expressions of polity, doctrine and worship, such as acceptance of the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion as its doctrinal foundation and the use of the Book of Common Prayer as its liturgical standard. The EACA currently uses the New Zealand prayer book (which is unavailable online), and In all religious expression gives special attention to respecting all gender identities through the use of inclusive language in worship.

A Church that embraces all

We are a church that includes and affirms the identities and experiences of all God's people. We are people of diverse backgrounds, identities and orientations.  We are catholic and protestant, female and male. We are a welcome home for those who have been marginalized by the church.

Our Structure

The EACA is divided into three houses: the House of Bishops, House of Clergy and House of Laity. Responsibilities for leadership, organizational support, outreach and ministry are entrusted to those of all three houses. The EACA holds the sacred validity of Holy Orders as preserved through the unbroken chain of historically attested and affirmed apostolic succession. Our sacraments are valid and offered to all of the People of God with respect for the diversity of creation as the cornerstone of God's lavish love and welcome for all.

Respect + We affirm respect for all of God's creation and embrace God's Genesis acclamation: "God looked at everything that had been made and found it very good" (Gen 1:31). Christian unity does not grow from agreement but from respect for differences.

Diversity + We affirm that God's creation story expresses and reveals a rich tapestry of differences and beauty. We recognize that by embracing diversity we encounter a fuller expression of God.

Inclusion + We affirm a re-emerging scriptural tradition that teaches us that God's table must be open to all People of God. We practice inclusion of all expressions of God's creation: race, sex, age, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation and faith journey.

Welcome + We affirm a lavish unconditional welcome for all of the People of God and seek to create sacred places for and within the People of God. We celebrate and honor God's love for all of creation.

We are an Evangelical People

We believe that no one is excluded from the love of God through Jesus Christ. Our mission is founded on the expression of this good news; all of us are called to return to God's embrace and to recognize God's unconditional love. We seek to preach and practice God's love and grace for all.

We believe in scripture, tradition, and reason

Scripture: We affirm Holy Scripture as an expression of God's unconditional love for us and we recognize that these teachings are spiritual bread for our journeys with God and one another.

Tradition: We affirm a history of relationship with God expressed through sacraments, liturgy, revelation and communal experience.

Reason: We affirm God-given reason and the wisdom that can be expressed when the Holy Spirit allows us to review scripture, tradition and our experiences to find answers and to seek a fuller consciousness.